Would you like a stronger and stiffer boat or structure that is also lighter than previously possible? Or do you need a smarter, more cost effective laminate solution?

Here at Clever Fox Projects we specialise in composite material design! We have experience in marine, aeronautical and civil applications of composite materials.

We can provide laminate specifications to meet your priorities of cost, weight, strength and stiffness. With previous boat building experience as well as plenty of ocean miles you will benefit from a more practical approach to composite design.

Much of the cost of composite manufacture is locked in at the design stage. With careful laminate selection and special attention to construction details we can assist you to minimise the labour and material cost of your new boat or composite structure. If you are a composite production builder you already know how critical it is for the design to consider the manufacturing process and not just the final product. Let us assist you to design all the efficiency in from the outset.

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Example Projects:
Composite Helicopter over Auckland bombs away